No Fear – Serenity… Now

It creates the feeling of seperateness – the false sense of isolation that exists only in your imagination.

Fear is the mind killer (dune frank herbert quote fear dauntless)

We are one. We are connected, interdependent parts of the whole. We are not separate from each other except in the mind, in our false understanding of reality. As we come to understand our contentedness, our need for one another to complete the whole creation, our fears will die.

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Nonresistance means surrendering the ego absolutely.

The ego = partially disguised as FALSE PRIDE.

Giving up our ego releases an energy that heals the situation – that smooths the negative vibrations in our path.

Peace comes to us.

We will find serenity each time we willingly humble ourselves.

serenity now - seinfeld

 (from personal notes 1/22/12)
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5 responses to “No Fear – Serenity… Now

  1. roctom

    i deeply agree fear is the mind killer
    And where the dear has gone there will be nothing only i will remain.
    nice article thank you:)

  2. cybergirl

    thanks for your comment, I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂

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