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Get over it. I have to. I will.

It’s funny how “stuff” work it’s way up and down in my life. I’m sure this probably holds true for many other people as well. It has too…


one minutes you’re on cloud 9 then BAM


and it sucks being there.

A year ago I was making payments on a nice 2nd owner car. I had the man. Money was nothing, I dropped $100+ on drugs daily. I had it all.

Well, I made a decision and gave the drugs up. It was hell. But I did it. I was now barely hanging on to the relationship my drug abuse had destroyed.

I relapsed and there was no looking back.

It’s a vicious cycle, our lives can change in an instant.


So the moral of the story?

I think that we need to appreciate what we do have. Sobriety (and relapse) along with being so broke you have to consider eating a cactus, has humbled me.

Remember that we can control the way we feel.

I realized that finally.

If we want it bad enough we will go for it. We control what happens.

So I let go and just went with the flow.

And guess what? I got what I wanted.

It does work.

I will master this… I’m more determined than ever.

I finally asked myself “Why keep fighting?” Id he won;t fight with me, why would I cotinue to give it my all? Oh, but a broken heart does hurt.

—- one of the hardest years of my twenty seven years on this rock spinning around the sun (and no users manual).

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No Fear – Serenity… Now

It creates the feeling of seperateness – the false sense of isolation that exists only in your imagination.

Fear is the mind killer (dune frank herbert quote fear dauntless)

We are one. We are connected, interdependent parts of the whole. We are not separate from each other except in the mind, in our false understanding of reality. As we come to understand our contentedness, our need for one another to complete the whole creation, our fears will die.

quotes about life

Nonresistance means surrendering the ego absolutely.

The ego = partially disguised as FALSE PRIDE.

Giving up our ego releases an energy that heals the situation – that smooths the negative vibrations in our path.

Peace comes to us.

We will find serenity each time we willingly humble ourselves.

serenity now - seinfeld

 (from personal notes 1/22/12)
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No Fear

Ralf Weiser's Blog - Shake Up Your Snow Globe! ©

Little pirates engaging in “entering” the other ship (Photo credit: Ralf Weiser).

The most often overlooked thing is that there is a tipping point just before you become courageous. Prior to that point you are not committed to do anything yet. This stage is very unsettling and does not feel good at all. Question is if and when you will make the decision to do move forward and fully engage.

No wonder that this time frame of uncertainty feels uncomfortable. Courage is the ability to confront pain, intimidation, fear, uncertainty, danger, etc. In most cases you risk your health, reputation, status, or economic well-being. They are all not pleasant things when they go wrong.

The only good part is that our brain has a special part that provides self-protection in such situations. This has often been called “lizard” brain. It tries protecting us from harm when we are threatened; it…

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Jedi Mind “Tricks”

If you continue to do the same things for the next five years that you have done for the last five years, five years from now you will be in the same place that you are today. It’s interesting to see how many people will continue doing the exact same thing day after day expecting to see different results.

“The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded”

You might be wondering who the man in the picture is, or perhaps you already know.

A good friend of mine shared some thought provoking ideas with me earlier this evening.


The point is that we must realize we are in control.

In control of our reality…

and we live in accordance to our own perception of it.

If you think poorly of yourself,

you will feel like shit.

But, think positive,

pick out what you like about yourself,

and you will begin to feel like a new person –

no longer hiding behind senseless insecurities.

“There is that moment when you realize the limitations of what you are doing and it shines a light on other creative possibilities.”


and although we must do things for ourselves because we want to

a little nudge here and there always seems to help.

– – the power of suggestion perhaps?

The work of a jedi mind trick?


Not many truely can have such as effect on others,


the power of perception will prevail.



Seeing the BIG Picture

If you understand the qualities of the conscious and the subconscious mind, you’re better able to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

Rebelious in nature, we feel helpless.

but fear not,

as we begin down the road

into our right minds

ending where we belonged all along.

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Hypnotize your MIND

emotion icon


I speak the advice a wise old friend gave me when I started to let my “thoughts” get the best of me.

Expect the worst and you will get the worst.

This article has been moved. Read it in its entirety here.


August 20, 2012 · 9:54 pm


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Positive Affirmation

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Beta Nerd

When I was in the sixth grade I did a science fair project on Lucid Dreaming which ended up being incredibly frustrating for a couple of reasons: (1) the internet wasn’t then what it is now so I only had info from library books and the Encarta Encyclopedia to work with and both were skeptical, and (2) The only good book I had had instructions on how to become a lucid dreamer which failed miserably.

To this day I long to dream lucidly which is why this article caught my attention. Does it work? I’m not sure I can deal with the disappointment I felt in the sixth grade, so you will have to let me know. The original article can be found at

Guaranteed to work, but you have to stick with it. Sometimes it takes a person only a week to have their first lucid dream from…

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Title block for Operation Sabotage from Best o...

Quit looking for excuses and look at your own behavior!


What is sabotage^ Sabotage is treason^ - NARA ...

So often we are quick to blame anything but ourselves.

The following article details some ways to identify the different aspects of our lives that are causing us difficulties.

Self Sabotage & Behavior

To solve the mystery behind your own self-sabotaging behavior, you will need to allocate some time to reviewing the past. In short, awareness is key. While others can point out your habitual patterns to you, the greatest moment of awakening happens when you can see things clearly for yourself.

To shine light, you need to identify past self-sabotage behavior and childhood issues that have previously caused you massive energy disruption. From there you can identify the common link between the behavior and your childhood issues in order to spot the repeating pattern.


21 Self-Sabotaging Behaviors
Starting with the present… check to see if any of the common self-sabotage behavior below consistently applies to you.

1. Always running away from problems.
2. Have unrealistic expectations.
3. Paralysis over fear in making mistakes.
4. Cannot complete projects.
5. Fear in taking risks.
6. Worrying constantly.
7. Procrastination.
8. Inability to say no to others.
9. Addictions like smoking, drinking and taking drugs.
10. Inability to think critically.
11. Denial of mistakes.
12. Practice self-judgment or judging others.
13. Take on too many tasks or projects.
14. Inability to cope with stress.
15. Always complaining about life, people and perceived ill fortune.
16. Poor eating habits.
17. No time or too lazy to exercise.
18. Poor mental attitude
19. Inability to focus.
20. Act on impulse.
21. Betray own values.

5 Major Recurring Life Patterns
Next, check to see if any of the 5 major life patterns can possibly be related.

#1: Abandonment

This is like the mother of all patterns. Abandonment issues can cause you tremendous upheaval in your adult life. Your feelings of being intrinsically unlovable cut deep. If you were abandoned as a child, you are likely to abandon yourself or your own values as an adult.

You find that you often bail out on yourself. So long as you experience the slightest of discomfort, you chicken out. You have difficulty completing projects. You cannot stay on task.

You also tend to be involved in relationships that will leave you feeling abandoned. Because the feeling of abandonment is psychological to begin with, you have a tendency to project your fears onto your partner; which eventually becomes a reality. He or she abandons you for another.

#2: Rejection

This is a pattern that I seem to hear often. The sense of rejection can hurt to the core when you have not been given the warm welcome that you needed as a baby. It happens when you are told that you should never have been born or have always been compared to your sibling.

You would rather blend with the wall in social settings. You undermine your own confidence. You have got poor mental attitude. And you unconsciously attract situations that have you believe that you are being rejected. It boils down to “I am not good enough”. Psychologically, you take all signs of rejection as if it is the end of the world.

#3: Abuse

If you were abused previously and have unresolved childhood issues, you are likely to inflict more abuse on yourself. Unfortunately self-abuse is going to sabotage any chance of success or well-being. You are more likely to be critical and put yourself down constantly.

You perpetuate the pattern of abuse as an adult. You probably have poor eating habits, do not respect your own body or engage in addictive behavior such as alcohol, smoke or sex. You also tend to attract abusive people and often perceive that you have been treated shabbily (which may or may not be truly the case).

#4: Lack

You may or may not be born in poverty. The real issue is that you have grown up believing in scarcity all your life. And so, you become miserly with life. You withhold your own needs, placing them as last in priority. In extreme cases, you neglect yourself all together.

Scarcity is a theme that plays often in your life. You seldom feel as if you have enough. Your actions resonate lack , as a result. Inadvertently, you develop a tendency to compare yourself with others. Even if you have got more than enough to spare, you are afraid to share. It is difficult for you to receive any praise, compliment, or gifts of any kind. By virtue of the law of attraction, because you are vibrating “not having”, you are attracting more of “not having”.

#5: Perfectionism

Being a perfectionist can lead to many different types of self-sabotage behavior; such as procrastination, constant worrying, inability to complete projects, obsessions over minor details and so on. It can possibly happen because you have got parents who are critical of your mistakes and have high expectations of you. Click to learn more about overcoming perfectionism here.

Break Free From Patterns

There can be more than one pattern that you have adopted. Your past experiences have had a huge subconscious impact on your current behavior. So long as you have felt affected by them deeply, you are likely to have developed ingrained beliefs that cause on-going subversion to well-being and success. Major life areas can be affected adversely.

Reviewing your past is not meant to put you in further pain but to create awareness in how you have been sabotaging yourself as an adult. You need awareness to break free from limiting life patterns.

Identifying the different aspects of ourselves helps us to focus on the true forces within ourselves. By focusing our attention to possible inner issues that affect our behavior we can begin to change those thought patterns. We create our own reality and are responsible for the change in it as well.

Just some ideas to think about for now. Some further reading below.


Main article source: Evelyn Lim from her upcoming book on self-love. 

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Reality. Control. Create.


Please note: The following is exerpts from an e-mail newsletter from Dr. Robert Anthony. Please visit this site.


Your Mind Power Controls Everything in Reality.

Lack of control is an illusion.

053/365: Daydream of the Deep Sea

Some people say that control is an illusion but the opposite is the real truth. How can you not be in control when all things are under your control? You create all of your reality. There is no aspect of your reality which you do not create. Therefore you control all…

You are not a victim.

All power is within and is absolutely under your control. To say that things happen through another cause other than yourself is to say that you are a victim. Nothing happens outside of you.

Everything is happening within you.


You are Consciousness, and Consciousness encompasses all that is. Whenever you feel not being in control, you are experiencing an illusion. You created the illusion of not being in control. You are the director of the script and can control at will…

Mind Power creates and controls reality.

Think of Desire-Force as the warm, ardent, fiery, forceful energy, underlying the manifestations of Mind-Power; and of the Will-Power as the cold, keen, strong, directing, controlling projector of the energy. By fixing these mental images in your mind, you will be better able to manifest the two phases as occasion arises.

To create a thing you must want it with a burning desire that allows no denial, backed up by a will that knows no such word as “can’t” or “no.”

Everything that happens can be traced back to intent.

intent stitching

To live as a powerful creator, you have to banish the illusion once and for all that you are not in control. Because you will always arrive back at the core truth that you are the creator of your reality and that you create all of it. Not being in control makes you feel like a victim.

When you focus on what you can do to create what you want, you take back the power. Your intent brings you the knowledge, the awareness and the energy to create what you want.

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