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Jedi Mind “Tricks”

If you continue to do the same things for the next five years that you have done for the last five years, five years from now you will be in the same place that you are today. It’s interesting to see how many people will continue doing the exact same thing day after day expecting to see different results.

“The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded”

You might be wondering who the man in the picture is, or perhaps you already know.

A good friend of mine shared some thought provoking ideas with me earlier this evening.


The point is that we must realize we are in control.

In control of our reality…

and we live in accordance to our own perception of it.

If you think poorly of yourself,

you will feel like shit.

But, think positive,

pick out what you like about yourself,

and you will begin to feel like a new person –

no longer hiding behind senseless insecurities.

“There is that moment when you realize the limitations of what you are doing and it shines a light on other creative possibilities.”


and although we must do things for ourselves because we want to

a little nudge here and there always seems to help.

– – the power of suggestion perhaps?

The work of a jedi mind trick?


Not many truely can have such as effect on others,


the power of perception will prevail.



Seeing the BIG Picture

If you understand the qualities of the conscious and the subconscious mind, you’re better able to understand who you are and why you do what you do.

Rebelious in nature, we feel helpless.

but fear not,

as we begin down the road

into our right minds

ending where we belonged all along.


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